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Car impounded in San Diego? The information below will easily help you locate your towed vehicle in San Diego, Ca. 
Registration Expired? Call Registration Masters at 619-368-8841(Open 7 days a week)
The first piece of information you must know if your vehicle was towed or impounded in San Diego is your vehicle identification number or your license plate number. It is best to know both when searching for your towed car in San Diego, but one will suffice if you do have both pieces of your towed car information.

The second thing you want to find out is, what jurisdiction towed your car. That is just the fancy way of of say what police department towed my car, National City Police, San Diego Police Department, Chula Vista Police Department, etc....

Okay so now we have the two pieces of information we need to find our towed car. All we need to do now is locate the agency who must be notified if my car was towed. California state law requires all towing companies to call the police department within 1 hour of towing your car. To help our customers we have included the phone numbers of the agencies who will be able to tell you which towing company towed your car.
If you live in Imperial Beach, Santee, Lemon Grove, Spring Valley, Jamul, etc these suburbs fall under the Sheriff's jurisdiction. 

San Diego Police Department

San Diego Sheriff's Department 

National City Police Department

El Cajon Police Department

California Highway Patrol

You will need to bring Photo ID and be able to prove ownership and registration to get your towed car out of the impound lot. So here is a list of acceptable documents.

State Issued Valid Drivers License
Military ID
Registration Card (Valid) or Incomplete DMV application with trip permit, will suffice.

If you need to renew your registration contact
Registration Masters
They are open 7 days a week and can help get your car registered and out of impound!

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